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Built upon the foundation of GPU instancing technology, GPU Instancer Pro empowers users to efficiently manage and render large quantities of objects, significantly reducing draw calls and optimizing performance.


With GPU Instancer Pro, developers can seamlessly integrate vast arrays of objects into their projects, whether they're working with Unity terrain details and trees, or Prefabs. It enables developers to easily manage and render massive amounts of objects such as trees, grass, rocks, or any other type of prefab with minimal performance overhead. The asset provides advanced features and customization options, allowing users to optimize culling techniques, fine-tune LOD settings, and tailor rendering parameters to suit the unique requirements of their projects. To provide the fastest possible performance, GPU Instancer Pro utilizes Indirect GPU Instancing using Unity's RenderMeshIndirect method and Compute Shaders.

GPU Instancer Pro comprises several modules tailored to enhance rendering efficiency and streamline workflow:

Core Module

This foundational module encompasses essential functionality such as rendering, culling, LOD management, billboard creation, and debugging tools. While it lacks a Manager class, developers can utilize GPU Instancer Pro's rendering system through the API, enabling the creation of custom renderers. Features include:

  • GPU-based Distance, Frustum, and Occlusion culling.
  • LOD calculation performed on the GPU and Cross-fading support.
  • Customizable shadow LOD and culling settings for each prototype.
  • Built-in support for multiple cameras.
  • Billboard generation capability.
  • Easy to use API methods for rendering instances with a Matrix4x4 array.
  • Statistical insights such as visible LOD and vertex counts.
  • Ability to batch draw calls from multiple sources.

Terrain Module

This module facilitates the rendering of Terrain details and trees using GPU Instancer Pro. It includes the Detail Manager and Tree Manager, providing the following capabilities:

  • Native support for multiple terrains with minimal draw calls.
  • Unlimited rendering distance for details and trees.
  • Support for 'Coverage' and 'Instance Count' Detail Scatter Mode options.
  • Distance-based Detail Density Reduction capability.
  • Terrain details LOD support.
  • Performant add/remove functionality at runtime for terrain details and trees.
  • Customizable texture based terrain detail density.

Prefab Module

Equipped with the Prefab Manager, this module offers an intuitive interface for rendering and managing a multitude of prefab instances in scenes. Key features include:

  • Automatic addition and removal of prefab instances.
  • Automatic runtime update of transform data.
  • Material variation tools with built-in shader generator.
  • Ability to batch draw calls with other Prefab and Tree Managers using the same prefabs.

Minimum Requirements

GPU Instancer Pro supports Unity 2022.3 or higher LTS versions.

The target devices should support GPU instancing and Compute Shaders.