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Please first check the F.A.Q. and the Getting Started Pages for answers to your questions.

For any other questions, requests or bug reports, please write an email to with the following information:

  • Your invoice or order numbers for GPU Instancer Pro (How to get invoice number?)
  • Unity version number (e.g. 2022.3.20)
  • Target platforms (Windows, Android, etc.)
  • Render Pipeline (Built-in/URP/HDRP)

For issues or bug reports, please also include:

  • A sample project (e.g. a scene with minimum amount of content to show the problem) or step by step description of how to reproduce the issue on a new project
  • Detailed description of the problem

If applicable:

  • Console logs related to GPU Instancer
  • Screenshots of the GPUI Managers in use
  • Screenshots and/or videos related to the issue